How I Work

Psychotherapy (Talk therapy)

Every session with me is individualized to you, your unique history, and current life situation. I will actively listen to your story and gently reflect back what is in your heart so that you can see yourself. Together, we will sort through your past and present to actively create your future. Our sessions will become a sacred space in which we meet together regularly to focus on you. I know that you have many competing obligations that take your attention off of yourself; our work will become a haven in your week that is for you only.

Talk therapy is a time and place to speak honestly, without having to worry about my feelings, or that you need to be a certain way for me. I am most interested in you being yourself. I will encourage you to speak freely and ensure that what is said in our sessions always remains confidential.

Wellness toolbox

Wellness on all levels will be the underpinning of our work. As we go, I will share with you various “tools” for better living as their usefulness arises. Many women find these tools to be helpful, and view them not only as effective techniques, but also as a great way to keep their work going in between sessions. The list of wellness tools is endless.

Establishing boundaries

Being a “nice” person is nice, but it can have serious repercussions when you’re dealing with someone who’s out to take advantage of you. While being nice might be the one thing you pride yourself on, you may simultaneously be leaving yourself wide open to being hurt. This is not true in all cases, but it is why it’s imperative to develop the skill of confidently discerning people’s intentions and level of honesty. In our sessions, you will learn to more readily spot emotional manipulators and develop the capacity to assert your power in existing and new relationships where the other person appears to have the upper hand. You will develop the means of being cautious and self-protective, and the ability to say “No”… as well as “Yes” when you really mean it!

Direct communication skills

You will also develop the skill of direct communication. In our sessions, you will describe real-life challenging situations in which you desire to be heard, and I will prompt you to say what it is that you really mean to say. Together, we will fine-tune your thoughts, and I may offer suggestions as needed. Next, you will practice your voice in sessions until it is a reasonably comfortable action for you. We will also anticipate how the other person might react, and how you might respond, and so on, to avoid blind spots. You will then use your new voice in real life and report on how it went in our next session. We’ll acknowledge your growth, and celebrate! When you connect to your own right to assert yourself in this real way, you will find that it was not as bad as you thought it would be. And the more you do it, the easier it will become.

Somatic Experiencing (SE) 

“SE trauma resolution does not require the traumatized person to re-tell or re-live the traumatic event. Instead, it offers the opportunity to engage, complete, and resolve—in a slow and supported way—the body’s instinctual fight, flight and freeze responses.” Dr. Peter A. Levine, Founder of SE

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a mind-body process for healing trauma. Trauma can be the reaction to a perceived acute threat to life, or simply the accumulation of stress over time. Trauma may result from a wide variety of stressors such as emotional abuse, neglect, physical assault—including sexual assault, accidents, as well as invasive medical procedures, war, natural disasters, loss, birth trauma, or ongoing fear and conflict. A person who has been traumatized can get stuck in a “fight, flight, or freeze” response, and SE offers a way of resolving these states.

I will guide you to allow the self-protective motor responses that were not available to you at the time of your trauma to be experienced in the here and now, in the safety of a contained space. In addition, we will work toward releasing the blocked survival energy that became bound-up in your body, thus addressing the root cause of your trauma symptoms. Trauma resolution through SE decreases fear and helplessness by resetting the nervous system. SE restores inner balance, enhances resilience to stress, increases vitality, and improves capacity to engage actively in life.

I will support you as you engage your own body’s wisdom to heal itself.  

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