I offer psychotherapy to adult individuals, groups, and couples.


As a dedicated “student of life,” I am forever learning and evolving both professionally and personally. I remain open-minded, and am always tolerant of differences. I approach life and work from a holistic perspective, considering all parts of the self: mind, body, and spirit. My therapy style is eclectic, utilizing methods and strategies from a variety of schools of thought to suit each individual and situation.  

I am always respectful and will never impose my views on you. I will honor your right to go at your own pace, and will listen to and support you without judgment. I will prompt you to look within for all of your answers, as we build on the strengths that I know you already possess. The professional nature of our relationship is one of the main reasons why talk therapy works: unlike (potentially) some family members, friends, and partners, I do not have any hidden agendas for your behavior or choices. I only want you to be yourself.  

I possess the innate ability to put people at ease in my presence, and offer a safe space for you to speak freely. I use humor as appropriate to balance out what, at times, could otherwise seem heavy, and I’m always keeping an eye on the pace of our work to make sure it never becomes overwhelming.

My expertise is in empowering you to connect with your inner wisdom so you can reestablish your right to assert your voice and create the future of your choosing.

Who I work with

I offer talk therapy to adult women both individually and in groups, as well as to couples struggling in their relationships. Sometimes, I work with men and teens as well.

For the most part, I work with women who feel held back by the roles they feel stuck in. Oftentimes, they have been berating themselves for not doing anything about it, which only makes matters worse! Frequently, this state of being causes women to feel a great deal of shame, and to believe that they are inept or damaged. They live their lives under the premise that they are undeserving of the same rights and good fortune as others.  

I believe that notion is absolutely false, and it can be turned around with the right intervention and support. I work best with women who know that they desire something better for themselves, and are ready to do whatever it takes to move on to better things.



At various times throughout the year, I offer the following
groups and workshops (check back for dates and times):

Comunication Group
Career Conversation
Couples Workshop
Creative Connection
Hearing Voices
Healing the Inner Child
Recreation Works
Social Skills Series
Stress Relief and Self-Care Workshop
Talking to Our Children
Women Who Want to Improve Relationships

Contact me for a free 20-minute in-person consultation. You can also sign up to receive my free Communications Handbook: A People Pleaser’s Guide to Speaking Up.